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Spain revisited


Tomorrow night we’re having Peggy and Lorraine and their significant others over for a dinner of tapas, sangria, and paella. We’ll exchange photos and basically relive our dreamy trip to Barcelona. Plus, I have to put my money where my mouth is when I assured them that my paella is superior to what we had in Spain.

Here is the recipe for one of the many tapas I’ll be serving.

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April 18, 2014   1 Comment

Good news

The good news is that I did not have an ounce of jet lag!

jet lag

Staying awake for 24 hours and then going to bed at 7:30 PM once arriving home from the airport was the key. I was still tired the next day, the day our company arrived, but I again went to bed early, by 9:00 and have slept well ever since. That is the first time I’ve ever returned from Europe and beaten it!

beat it!

We had a wonderful time with Dave’s brother and sister-in-law, Tom and Beth.

cubs park

We checked out Cubs Park in Mesa which replaced the old Hohokam Stadium and is now of the home of the Chicago Cubs for spring training.

desert botanical garden

We visited the Desert Botanical Gardens for the Chihuly in the Garden event.

Chihuly in the Garden

If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a must.

Chihuly at Desert Botanical Garden

It runs through May 18, 2014.


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last day in Spain


Friday of last week was our last day in Barca. Peggy and I spent it shopping for gifts for friends and family and just relaxing as we walked the pretty cobblestone streets.

roman walls

We stopped for wine or sangria each and every time either of us needed to use the WC, which was often since we were drinking so much wine and sangria!

robin thicke

For dinner we finally had the “tapa toothpick” experience we had heard so much about.


This is a tapas bar where you choose your tapas from a counter…

8 euro

…and then are charged by the amount of toothpicks left on your plate at the end of your meal.


We returned to the apartment earlier than we had any night other night since the first day we arrived. That first night, we were in bed by 7:30 PM. This last night we packed and were in bed by 10:00 PM.  A far cry from the 1:00 AM or later nights we’d been doing for the last 10 days.

Instead of the bus/metro/airport excursion of that first day, we took a cab. Even at $25 euro each, it was totally worth it to not heave heavy suitcases up and down the metro stairs over and over again!

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March 27, 2014   1 Comment

a day of art

outside museu

Thursday of last week was Lorraine and Natalie’s last day with Peggy and me in Barcelona. Lorraine would be leaving on Friday morning to get back to Arizona so she could support her husband (Peggy’s brother) in a bike race he was participating in. And Natalie was leaving the next morning with her study-abroad group for a weekend trip to Madrid.


After a quick breakfast, we visited the Picasso Museum.

self portrait

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ice bar

Yesterday I told you about our Wednesday afternoon activities in Barcelona. I neglected to mention our nighttime fun.


When we returned from the abbey in the late afternoon we enjoyed  Jamón ibérico, cheese, baguette, apples, grapes and wine in our apartment.

slicing the ham

My husband, Dave, has a client, Cliff, who lived in Barcelona for several months earlier this year. Cliff, made many friends while living here and told one of his friends, Kevin, to be sure to entertain us and treat us well when we came to town.


We tried to contact Kevin a few times early in the week, but were unsuccessful, mostly due to our incompetence in using international calling codes, or so we thought. Turns out the real reason was due to the fact that Kevin’s iPhone was stolen and was being replaced during that same time frame. Anyhow, we finally connected, right at the same time that we were eating our “stay in for the night” impromptu dinner of ham, cheese and fruit. It was about 6:00 at the time and Kevin asked to meet us at 9:30 or 10:00 for drinks and dinner.  Yes, that is the normal dinner hour in Spain!

ice bar

We met up at IceBarcelona, a super awesome and cool (COLD!) ice bar on the beach. There’s a steep price to drink at the ice bar. Fifteen euro each allows you entrance into the ice bar plus a heavy jacket and gloves to use and one drink.

drink up

Everyone looks sexy in the same big coat!

icebarcelona [


March 25, 2014   2 Comments

a day at the abbey

inside Basilica

On Wednesday we took a long train ride (90 minutes seems long anyhow) to Santa Maria de Montserrat Basilica and Abbey on the mountain of Montserrat.

legs on a train

Here is a shot of all our legs, tangled and spewed about on the train.

the ride up

After the train ride, we boarded a cable car to the top of the mountain.

on the way up

Honestly, I am too tired to write much, so please click on the link above to learn more about the Abbey and then please enjoy the photos I took.


After that, if you want to see what we did once we got back to Barca, read down further… it was super cool!



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more birthday wishes

Two of my dear friends are celebrating their birthday today. Here are the most recent photos I have of them….

amy scott

Amy, with her husband Scott, at our Progressive Dinner on March 1st. Cutest couple ever!

37 1-2 weeks

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a day at the beach


Tuesday was our most laid back day of the trip this far. Natalie had classes all day, so we took the opportunity to go to the ocean-side town, Sitges.

Sitges is a town about 35 kilometres southwest of Barcelona, renowned worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. Located between the Garraf Massif and the sea, it is known for its beaches, nightspots, and historical sites.

more brunch & cake

But before we left, we HAD to go back to Brunch & Cake for breakfast! It was a need, more than just a want!

tile signs 2

It was a 40 minute train ride from Barcelona. Before we saw our first beach, the first thing I noticed was all the beautiful signs made of tiles.

tile signs

They were everywhere, both plastered directly into the walls or inserted in iron frames.

tile signs2

These are just a few of the many pictures I snapped of them all over town.

the girls

Basically what we did all day was walk the pretty shop-lined streets, gaze upon but not venture anywhere near the gorgeous water, eat tapas and drink wine.

Patatas bravas

At our first tapas and vino stop we had these amazing patatas bravas. I will most certainly be recreating them when I get home! With tummies satisfied, down to the ocean we went.

the sea

As we inhaled the fresh sea air and took in the beauty…

the ocean at sitges

… we rounded the corner …

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March 20, 2014   1 Comment

More Guadí…

brunch & Cake

On Monday, we started the morning by meeting up with Natalie at one of her favorite restaurants, Brunch & Cake.

shut the front door

This may have been some of my favorite food thus far!

blueberries at brunch & cake

The four of began by splitting and order of Buffalo Ricotta and Blueberries on Toasted Brioche topped with Sweet Fruit & Nuts. It was SO Good!

waffle Eggs Benedict at brunch & cake

Lorraine and I split Sweet Crunchy Waffles topped with Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise was somehow light and fluffy – whipped maybe?

my half

Lorraine is allergic to nuts, so I asked for the topping of dried fruits and nuts on the side, and sprinkled them on my half. This is one recipe I am determined to recreate when I get home!

belle tree

Oh, and the corner the restaurant sits on… very charming!

guadi house

Next, we ventured to Casa Batlló which is a Guadí designed home topped with a fanciful dragon-like roof.

[


March 19, 2014   1 Comment

Back in Barca

After a lovely weekend in Paris, we took the metro and then the RER back to Charles de Gaulle airport. On our initial RER trip into Paris, there were many stops and it took at least 30 to 40 minutes, so we allotted for at least that much time to get back to the airport. Turns out, the return ride was non-stop, so we arrived at the airport in more than enough time.


We decided that with all our extra time we would enjoy a nice leisurely lunch before we went through security. We were working out the bill, Peggy wanted to use her credit card, so Lorraine and I had just handed over our cash when Natalie asked, “What time is it? What time is our flight?” Realizing we were late… very late, we all panicked and told Peggy to just throw down some cash and RUN!

As Lorraine said in her daily email update to her family, “We moved  faster than we have to date on this trip. We actually did an “OJ Simpson” through the airport to make our flight.”

vintage OJ

You know, the good old vintage 1970′s OJ Simpson Hertz advertisements…

Point is, We Made It!


We arrived in Barca (“Bar-sa” which is the endearing name the locals call their city) dropped our bags at our apartment, changed into warm weather clothes and headed to Montjuic in search of a castle. Montjuic Castle is on a hill and is actually a mid-1600 military fortress which today houses a military museum.

[

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