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found it!

After an exhaustive search, I somehow found the link to the Gourmet S’mores Party segment that Tram shot in our backyard nearly two years ago.  You can watch it HERE or go to the “In the News” page over there on the left and watch it and many other TV appearances.

The other thing I’m doing today is having my dad over for an early Father’s Day celebration. He will be visiting my sister-in-law, Teresa, and my nephews, Joel, Ben, and David, in Idaho over the next week.  With classes starting up again tomorrow – today is our last chance to give him his cards, gifts, and a nice Father’s Day dinner.

I woke up early and made my rounds for cooking class grocery shopping.  When I got home, I packed it all into my fridge – there is not room for one more thing! I don’t think a tiny grape would even fit!  You can’t see the door shelves or the 6 produce drawers below – but take my word for it – they are packed to the gills!

Those blueberries and raspberries are left from last week, so they need to go! I’m going to use them for dessert tonight, but there are still so many.  What’s a girl to do?  You know me, I have the answer on how to make the most of them – I’ll make raspberry and blueberry vodka!

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June 10, 2012   2 Comments

Cooks for Eight

The BIG event this past weekend was the taping of … Jacques Pépin Cooks for Eight.

Barbara Fenzl brought legendary chef, author, and educator Jacques Pépin to Arizona to tape a very special cooking show that will first air on June 4 at 7:00 pm and will serve a the main pledge-drive program for our local PBS station, KAET – Channel 8.

The title has double meaning; Jacques and Barbara not only cooked together for channel Eight, in addition, the menu was set as a meal for Eight people.

But the taping of the show wasn’t the only big thing that happened over the weekend… there was a KAET fundraising dinner the evening before, Saturday night, in the gorgeous East Room at Vincent’s on Camelback. Here is a look a the menu. The artwork was provided by the guest of honor.

Barbara gave the most lovely and loving introduction for Jacques to the 100+ guests.  I think that was my favorite part of the entire evening.  She spoke so beautifully and eloquently.  I am always proud to call her my friend and my mentor, but especially at that moment.

Chef Vincent Guerithault and his staff put together an intimate and delicious evening.

The two Frenchmen have been friends since the mid 1970′s, when Vincent first came to the United States. It was a spectacular evening and each guest received Jacques’ most recent cookbook, Essential Pépin.  Then at the end of the night, Jacques signed and personalized every single book to each guest – and as he was doing so, a photo was taken, as a memento of the evening for each person, as well.

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April 17, 2012   7 Comments

the company you keep

Linda and Jacques in Kim and Paul Howard’s backyard on April 15, 2012

On Saturday, I mentioned that I was working on something very BIG over the weekend. These pictures are a hint of just WHO and WHAT the BIG deal was all about.

If you do not already recognize the handsome gentleman in these photos, he is none other than world-renowned chef, Jacques Pépin.  And if you don’t already know who Jacques Pépin is… please either read THIS or THIS or THIS, or just Google “Jacques Pépin” and read up. I promise, you will be very impressed with this amazing man.

Kim Howard, Barbara Fenzl, and Jacques in my backyard on October, 26, 2008 to celebrate Les Gourmettes’ 25 Anniversary.

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April 16, 2012   2 Comments

barley salad and classes

I had planned on sharing more of my Easter recipes, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

The very beautiful Kim Covington from EVB Live just left my house after shooting a quick little segment to air on the show tomorrow.  They will be talking about upcoming summer camps and have kindly decided to feature Les Petites Gourmettes.

There are still a few spaces in both of the teen weeks in June. Go HERE to check out the classes.

I told Kim I would send her the recipe for the barley salad that we put together for the shoot and this is the easiest way I know how to share a recipe.  Thank you Kim and enjoy!

P.S. Look for my quiche recipes on Wednesday in the Arizona Republic food section.

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April 9, 2012   1 Comment

misc and tip of the week

I’m off to tape a television segment today for Channel 3-  Your Life A to Z.  It will air tomorrow, Friday, October 14th, at 10:100 AM.  So, instead of posting a recipe I have some miscellaneous, fun, and important items tell you about. 

The last couple of days I’ve been sharing with you items from my weekend shopping extravaganza with Peggy. Both of us are in love with birdcages and we found the perfect one for Peggy’s house. She had an open corner in her dining room and we decided the birdcage would fit perfectly there. She will change it out throughout the year and create holiday and casual vignettes, using the cage as the canvass.  Above you can see what we did for her Halloween Birdcage Vignette and below is a closeup. Doesn’t that look great?!

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October 13, 2011   7 Comments


Inspiration for this recipe came to me after enjoying a white chocolate and limoncello cupcake while visiting my daughter in San Francisco. Limoncello and white chocolate are a match made in heaven. You may use store-bought limoncello or make your own with THIS RECIPE.

I brought these sweeties to a neighborhood luncheon last week to test them out, and since they were a hit, I will be making them tomorrow, along with this puff pastry appetizer, on Channel 3-  Your Life A to Z.          I hope you can tune in at 10:00 AM Tuesday morning.

Oh, and please note, there are only six ingredients – seriously, these are “easy-breezy”!

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September 12, 2011   7 Comments

3 weeks from today…

… is the 2nd birthday of Les Petites Gourmettes’ blog. And we are going to celebrate!

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July 26, 2011   1 Comment


For my last appearance on Valley Dish, I asked host, Tram Mai, what she would like to make.  After some 15 cooking appearances, it was the first time to make something of her choice instead of my choice or an specific themed assignment.  Tram requested a dish she had back in her college years in Los Angels at a restaurant called Crustacean.  After much on-line research, I compiled several peoples’ take on the roasted crab and came up with my own rendition.

The roasted crab is outstanding, but I think the real star of the dish is the garlic noodles.  The key is to find thick spaghetti, also know as spaghettoni or bucatini.  I found them at Whole Foods and in the Italian specialty aisle at the “big fancy” Fry’s on Tatum and Shea.

As for the crab, although the version we made on the live show used Dungeness crab, I’ve also tried with the pasteurized canned crab found at Costco and it tasted exactly the same… plus it’s more economical and so much easier!

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July 10, 2011   No Comments

peachy chops

Before we get to today’s recipe and before I forget, I need to tell you that I’ll be on NBC – Channel 12 Valley Dish tomorrow – Wednesday, June 29th.  It’s going to be an especially important and good show, so tune in at 3:30, if you can… or there’s always TiVo! xoxo

They say that spicy food cools you off in the summer. Strange, but true; hot spicy food make you sweat, then your body temperature actually dips. But then you’re sweating, not my favorite cup of tea. In hot weather, I generally gravitate towards cool and refreshing foods like yesterday’s grape cooler cocktail, or ice cream, or watermelon.

If you lean more toward spicy food to bring your body temps down, give this grilled dish a try. And even with the addition of all that spice, just the sight and idea of sweet juicy peaches sounds nice and cool!

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June 28, 2011   1 Comment

Valley Dish segments and pics

So many of you told me that you missed my Valley Dish segments from last week, that I’m posting links to them here.

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April 27, 2011   2 Comments